Ferrari solutions for tensile roofs, industrial buildings and marine upholstery.

Precontraint 502 Satin

The Precontraint 502 fabric is visually appealing with its excellent satin finish and a wide selection of colour palette.

While Precontraint 502 Satin’s application as a canopy fabric is popular, it can also be used for shade sails, fixed or retractable awnings, blinds and patio shade, and much more. Known for its long-lasting durability, stability, & Fire retardant properties, the Precontraint 502 satin fabric offers maximum sun protection. In addition, due to the PVDF topcoat, its resistance to dirt not only fuels easy maintenance but also helps retain colour for a long term. It carries a unmatched warranty of 10 years in its class.

Flexlight Classic (402N-602-782S2)

Flexlight Classic from Serge Ferrari offers a great & economical line of fabrics that consists of 402N, 602 and 782S2 collection. The mechanically resistant fabric is widely opted for car park shading, tents, gazebos, warehouse structures and more such applications.

One of the best advantages of these outdoor canopy fabrics is its fire compliance. Moreover, Flexlight Classic is trusted to provide the highest level of protection in every weather – be it rains or extreme heat. Apart from that, the fabric is highly weldable, stable and 602/782S2 can be either translucent or opaque.

Flexlight Perform (502S2-702S2)

Serge Ferrari’s Flexlight Perform fabric is a high performance fabric consisting of the 502S2 & 702S2 collection. Built with anti-wicking properties, it allows you to gain the best aesthetic outcome with minimal maintenance routine. Created with high technical advancement, the fabric is capable of withstanding even the toughest environmental conditions, including heat and water.

Flexlight Perform is widely recognized for its universal fire compliance standards. It not only provides increased long-term structural stability but it also naturally transmits the light indoors, thus maintaining the fabric’s innate whiteness. You can utilize the Perform range for halls, lightweight and high quality structures.

Flexlight Advanced


Serge Ferrari’s Flexlight Advanced fabric comes in a multiple range that includes 902S2, 1002S2, 1202S2, 1302S2, and 1502S2 collection.

Best used as tensile fabric for large scale Tensile structures, the fabric also finds its application in roof shades for sports halls, stadiums, Shopping Mall atriums as well as shade structures. Crafted with Precontraint technology, Flexlight Advanced has very low & negligible residual elongation,when subjected to dynamic loads. Unlike other conventional fabrics Precontraint fabrics have bi-axial behavior, which is equal in both directions. It is durable, easy-to-maintain, recyclable, consistent and offers higher level of structural stability, and come with a warranty of upto 15 years.

Flexlight Xtrem

(TX 30 II, III, IV, V)

Flexlight Xtrem TX30 range by Serge Ferrari is the latest technological innovation in this field, crafted to provide the maximum level of durability & cleanability. It has a unique crosslink PVDF topcoat making it the longest lasting PVC Coated fabric today, with a proven lifespan of over 30 years and the least maintenance demanding. It comes with warranty of upto 25 years. When it comes to transmitting light, Flexlight Xtrem does the best possible job.

If you are looking for lasting roofing options for projects like sports halls, stadium roofs, shopping mall atriums, large or luxurious open-air structures and walkways, then Flexlight Xtrem is the best choice.


(Top, Zen, One)

Thanks to its Smart Coating technology, the Serge Ferrari Stamskin brand has been a reference on the upholstery market for decades. Customers appreciate the ease of process, ease of maintenance and long-lasting surface quality of the Stamskin products range. Customers’ demand has evolved to more designed products which procures sensorial wellbeing through a softer touch. The new product Stamskin One represents a real innovation offering a peach skin surface while keeping the Serge Ferrari guarantees of high-performance membranes.



Warp & weft reversible The original Batyline, a standard.

Major advantage of Batyline is extreme outdoor resistance without sagging, it has largest colour choice on the market. Batyline ISO is the preferred choice for outdoor sling furniture, and a structural mesh under cushions. World leading brands of sunbeds, and outdoor furniture prefer Batyline over any other similar looking material, as none can match the amazing dimensional stability and strength, with no resultant sagging.



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